Commercial Portfolio

Mermet is featured in some of the most prestigious buildings around the world, including these high profile commercial projects:

The Glass House Building, Brick Bay Winery, NZ Hugh Meagher, Heidelberg, Germany
Amazon Court, Prague, Czech Republic Aquatic Centre, Chauray, France
Engineering School, St Etienne, France Ibis Hotel, Porte de Clichy, France
Museum Toulouse, France Museum Toulouse, France
Town Hall, Echirolles, France Auditorium de Pau, France
Lapps Quay, Dublin, Ireland Stock Exchange, Amsterdam, Netherlands
External Retail Signage, Italy Sofitel Hotel, Chicago, USA
Retail Space, USA Office Building, New York, USA
Taiyokogyo Corporation, Takashimaya, Japan Corporation, China
Beaumont Hotel, Asia Boardroom, France
Hall, China Office Lunchroom
Theatre Hall Lecture Hall
Car Dealership Exhibition Space
East Winter Gardens, London, England Lapps Quay, Dublin, Ireland
Al Haratani Retail Space Hotel Lobby