Beat the summer heat

Beat the summer heat

Thursday, November 3, 2016

With summer nearly upon us, now is the time when we start thinking about how to protect our homes from the summer heat, while keeping energy bills down.

Arena Honeycomb Shades by Turnils are the ideal versatile window coverings solution because they help to provide insulation at the window in both summer and winter.

Arena Honeycomb Shades are stylish, functional, versatile and most importantly, highly energy efficient.  They are perfect for any size or shaped window and offer insulating properties that help to control room temperature, without compromising on style.

Arena Honeycomb fabrics feature distinctive air pockets that trap warm air.  The unique structure of Arena Honeycomb Shades traps hot air in the honeycomb cells, which therefore slows down the transfer of hot air from the outside to inside.

By providing enhanced thermal insulation, Arena Honeycomb Shades help to keep a more constant indoor temperature, which in turn can help save on cooling costs.

Arena Honeycomb Shades offer a variety of fabrics in a range of colours and styles, which provide for a wide choice of décor possibilities.  There are also a number of different operating systems and design options to choose from, to create a fully customised solution.