E-Screen 10% 2x2

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Performance Sunscreens
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E-Screen 10% 2x2 features a more open 2x2 basket weave that provides the best view-through properties of any of Mermet’s internal Performance Sunscreen fabrics. E-Screen 10% 2x2 is a timeless, even-textured screen that blocks approximately 90% of UV rays and provides excellent glare control, making it suitable for the commercial and residential markets.

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For the ultimate in heat control, we recommend our E-Screen with KOOLBLACK Technology. 

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Technical Information
Internal Sunscreen
2x2 basket weave
36% Fibreglass / 64% PVC
White 0202
White Pearl 0207
Charcoal Grey 3001
Charcoal Cocoa 3061
Charcoal 3030