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Performance Sunscreens
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Solmatiz, Mermet’s external sunscreen range, is offered in 1%, 5% and 10% openness and is suitable for both Commercial and Residential applications.

Outdoor blinds and awnings made from 1x1 basket weave Solmatiz10® fabric can reflect up to 69% of the sun’s heat before it enters the home, reducing temperatures inside by 5-15°C to help keep you cooler and reduce energy consumption. With its 10% openness Solmatiz10 is the perfect external fabric to cool a building while still maintaining the view.

Fire retardant and resistant to water, mould, fungus and mildew, the Solmatiz range provides the perfect comfort solution for all seasons.

The Solmatiz range also offers the 1% openness Solmatiz1® and 5% openness Solmatiz5® fabrics.

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Technical Information
External Sunscreen
1x1 basket weave
27% Polyester / 73% PVC
Snow 9001
Cream 9002
Espresso 9004
Midnight 9005
Steel 9006
Black 9008